Call for Tutorials

UCC 2016 invites half-a-day tutorial proposals (preferably 3 hours in length, although longer tutorials can be considered) relating to the subject areas indicated in the list of topics below. We seek proposals across a wide range of topics and levels, from fundamentals to the latest advances in hot topic areas. Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

  • Principles and theoretical foundations of Utility Computing, including pricing and service models
  • Policy languages and programming models, such as cloud-native and cloud-enabled applications
  • Utility-driven models and mechanisms for Cloud federations
  • Autonomic techniques for Cloud applications
  • Utility-/comfort-driven platforms for Clouds
  • Architectural models to achieve Utility in Clouds
  • Designs and deployment models for Clouds: private, public, hybrid, federated, aggregated
  • Cloud Computing middleware, stacks, tools, delivery networks and services at all layers (XaaS)
  • Virtualization technologies and other enablers
  • Economic models and scenarios of use
  • Scalability and resource management: brokering, scheduling, capacity planning, parallelism and elasticity, as well as marketplaces
  • Cloud management: autonomic, adaptive, self-*, SLAs, performance models and monitoring
  • Applications: games, social networks, scientific computing (e-science) and business, as well as large-scale foundations for Big Data and analytics
  • Mobile and energy-efficient use of Clouds
  • Beyond technology: Cloud business and legal implications, such as security, privacy, trust and jurisdiction especially in Utility contexts

 Important Dates:

  • Tutorial Proposals Due:                   03 July, 2016
  • Notification of Acceptance:           14 August, 2016
  • Final Description:                              12 September, 2016
  • Tutorial Slides Due:                          14 November, 2016


Tutorial proposals (in PDF format) and any other enquiries should be sent by email to the tutorial chairs.

Proposal Requirements:

Each tutorial proposal must contain the following:

  1. Title
  2. Name and Affiliation of the Speaker(s)
  3. Abstract (one paragraph, 200 words maximum, including previous experience with such tutorials)
  4. Intended Audience (one paragraph) and prerequisites: Describe the background assumed of tutorial attendees (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced), and any requirements needed (e.g. bring own laptop)
  5. Learning Outcome (one paragraph): Describe the benefit, knowledge or skill that will be gained by attendees.
  6. Description (no more than 2 pages): A statement giving clear motivation/justification for the topic to be presented at UCC 2016 and a comprehensive outline of the proposed content.
  7. Statement on if this tutorial has been given before and if so how this presentation will be different.
  8. Materials (one paragraph): A description of materials to be provided to attendees on the conference website – course slides, annotated bibliography, code snippets, etc. NOTE: the materials themselves do not need to be provided in the proposal.
  9. Bio-sketch: A single paragraph bio-sketch per tutorial presenter.
  10. Requested tutorial length (preferably half a day – 3 hours).


Materials for the tutorial must be emailed by the 14th of November 2016 at the latest. The UCC 2016 Conference Organizing Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Providing logistics support and a meeting place for the tutorial.
  • In conjunction with the organizers, determining the tutorial date and time.
  • Providing copies of the tutorial materials to attendees.