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UCC 2014 Posters Track

The poster track will be held in conjunction with the ACM/IEEE International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing 2014 (UCC), December 8-11th, in London, UK.

Accepted Posters

  • Toward Enhancing Block I/O Performance for Virtualized Hadoop Cluster
  • Cost-efficient Provisioning of Cloud Resources Priced by CPU Frequency
  • Querying road traffic data from a Document store
  • Experience with Multi-Resource Aware Fair Sharing in Highly Heterogeneous Private Clouds
  • A Cloud-based Approach to GNSS Augmentation for Navigation Services
  • Toward a Cloud based Framework for Facilitating Software Development and Testing Tasks
  • Planning in the Cloud: Massively Parallel Planning
  • Multi-Clouds Mobile Computing for the Secure Storage of Data
  • Portable SDN Applications on the PaaS Layer
  • ChargeFlow – Workflow based chargeback processing
  • Interact: Gesture Recognition in the Cloud
  • NEMICO: Mining network data through cloud-based data mining techniques
  • An Experimental Analysis on Latency Improvement of Cloud-based Fleet Management System
  • Cloud-Imitating Honeypots for Novel Malware Detection and Analysis
  • An Adaptive Policy to Minimize Energy and SLA Violations of Parallel Jobs on the Cloud
  • The IKAROS Metadata service as a Utility
  • MO-BIZZ: Ecosystem for Mobile Cloud Services (Web-only)      

Call For Posters

Cloud Computing promises to deliver computational resources on demand as services that are commoditized and delivered as in traditional utilities such as electricity, gas, water and telephony. Utility with Cloud services can already be achieved for compute, storage and communication resources but also for hosted software and data. UCC is the premier IEEE/ACM conference covering all areas related to Cloud Computing as a Utility. There is also increasing interest from commercial providers to offer business and revenue models around the services they offer. Understanding how these model could be used to provide utility for both users, intermediary brokers (aggregators) and providers will also be of interest for this conference. UCC  2014 is the 7th UCC in a successful conference series. UCC 2014 happens while cloud providers worldwide add new services and increase utility at an accelerated pace and is therefore of high relevance for both academic and industrial research. We invite participants to submit posters to the UCC 2014 conference. The submission areas of interest for posters include (but are not limited to):

  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Principles and theoretical foundations of Utility Computing, including pricing and service models
  • Policy languages and Programming models
  • Architectural models to achieve Utility in Clouds
  • Designs and deployment models for Clouds: private, public, hybrid, federated, aggregated
  • Cloud Computing middleware, stacks, tools, delivery networks and services at all layers (XaaS)
  • Virtualization technologies and other enablers
  • Economic models and scenarios of use
  • Scalability and resource management: brokering, scheduling, capacity planning,
  • parallelism and elasticity, as well as marketplaces
  • Cloud management: autonomic, adaptive, self-*, SLAs, performance models and monitoring
  • Applications: games, social networks, scientific computing (e-science) and business
  • Mobile and energy-efficient use of Clouds
  • Beyond technology: Cloud business and legal implications, such as security, privacy, trust and jurisdiction especially in Utility contexts

Posters can be submitted in one of two forms:

  1. Proceedings published posters: Participants submitting proceedings published posters are required to submit a 2-page short paper describing the poster/demo content, research, relevance and importance to the cloud computing community. If accepted, these 2-page short papers will be published in the proceedings of the conference.
  2. Web published posters: These posters/demos require a short 1-page abstract to be submitted. These abstracts will not be included in the conference proceedings, but will be published on the conference website.

For both forms of posters, participants will be able to display the poster and showcase the demo during the conference. Authors are invited to submit their contributions electronically through EasyChair

The best poster will receive a best poster award, sponsored by Manjrasoft Australia, based on evaluation rating from the Award/Review Committee.


  • Khalid Elgazzar, Queen’s University, Canada
  • George Angelos Papadopoulos, University of Cyprus

Important Dates

  • Proceeding published posters due: 20 September, 2014 26 September, 2014 (Extended and Final Deadline)
  • Notification of Acceptance: 10 October, 2014
  • Final version due: 15 October, 2014
  • Web published posters due: 31 October, 2014