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UCC 2014 Main Track

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Regular Papers

Green Computing and Energy Implications

  • Greening Geo-Distributed Data Centers by Joint Optimization of Request Routing and Virtual Machine Scheduling Xudong Xiang, Chuang Lin, Fu Chen and Xin Chen.
  • A Hybrid Optimization Model for Green Cloud Computing Lucio Rocha and Eleri Cardozo.
  • Evaluating Energy Efficiency of Gigabit Ethernet and Infiniband Software Stacks in Data Centres Vincenzo de Maio and Radu Prodan.
  • Fostering Energy-Awareness in Simulations Behind Scientific Workflow Management Systems Gabor Kecskemeti, Simon Ostermann and Radu Prodan.


  • Traffic Monitoring Using Video Analytics in Clouds Tariq Abdullah, M Fahim Tariq, Yusuf Baltaci and Nick Antonopoulos.
  • Using Distributed Analytics to Enable Real-Time Exploration of Discrete Event Simulations Matthew Malensek, Walid Budgaga, Sangmi Pallickara, Neil Harvey and Shrideep Pallickara.

Standards & Benchmarks

  • Standards-based DevOps Automation and Integration Using TOSCA Johannes Wettinger, Uwe Breitenbücher and Frank Leymann.
  • Towards Benchmarking Modern Distributed Stream Computing Frameworks Ruirui Lu, Gang Wu and Jie Huang. StreamBench:
  • An Adaptive Distributed Simulator for Cloud and MapReduce Algorithms and Architectures Pradeeban Kathiravelu and Luís Veiga.


  • A Methodology for Online Consolidation of Tasks Through More Accurate Resource Estimations Jesus Omana Iglesias, Milan De Cauwer, Deepak Mehta, Liam Murphy and Barry O’sullivan.
  • Learning Based Distributed Orchestration of Stochastic Discrete Event Simulations Zhiquan Sui, Neil Harvey and Shrideep Pallickara.
  • Online Algorithms for Location-Aware Task Offloading in Two-Tiered Mobile Cloud Environments Qiufen Xia, Weifa Liang, Zichuan Xu and Bingbing Zhou.
  • Reducing Costs in Cloud Application Execution Using Redundancy-based Scheduling Cristiano Vieira, Luiz F. Bittencourt and Edmundo Madeira.

Cloud Services

  • Enabling Health Monitoring as a Service in the Cloud Yang Li, Li Guo and Yike Guo.
  • In-the-know: Recommendation Framework for City-supported Hybrid Cloud Services Manav Singhal, Jay Ramanathan, Prasad Calyam and Marjorie Skubic.
  • On the provision of SaaS-level Quality of Service within Heterogeneous Private Clouds Julio Ricardo Proaño, María Blanca Caminero and Carmen Carrión.
  • Workload Patterns for Quality-driven Dynamic Cloud Service Configuration and Auto-Scaling Li Zhang, Yichuan Zhang, Pooyan Jamshidi, Lei Xu and Claus Pahl.


  • Design and Implementation of Middleware for Cloud Disaster Recovery via Virtual Machine Migration Management Tae Seung Kang.
  • The Continuity of Out-of-band Remote Management Across Virtual Machine Migration in Clouds Sho Kawahara and Kenichi Kourai.

Storage Systems

  • Transparent Throughput Elasticity for IaaS Cloud Storage using Guest-side Block-level CachingBogdan Nicolae, Pierre Riteau and Kate Keahey.
  • A Study of Replica Reconstruction Schemes for Multi-rack HDFS Clusters Asami Higai, Atsuko Takefusa, Hidemoto Nakada and Masato Oguchi.
  • Distributed Storage and Service Discovery for Heterogeneous Community Network Clouds Mennan Selimi, Felix Freitag, Roger Pueyo Centelles and Agusti Moll.
  • Workload-Aware Incremental Repartitioning of Shared-Nothing Distributed Databases for Scalable Cloud Applications Joarder Kamal, Manzur Murshed and Rajkumar Buyya.
  • Tossing NoSQL-Databases out to Public Clouds Alexandros Antoniadis, Yannis Gerbessiotis, Mema Roussopoulos and Alex Delis.


  • Filtering Security Alerts for the Analysis of a Production SaaS Cloud Antonio Pecchia, Domenico Cotroneo, Rajeshwari Ganesan and Santonu Sarkar.
  • Role-based Templates for Cloud Monitoring The An Binh Nguyen, Melanie Siebenhaar, Ronny Hans and Ralf Steinmetz.

Cloud Management

  • Workflow Partitioning and Deployment on the Cloud using Orchestra Ward Jaradat, Alan Dearle and Adam Barker.
  • A Cloud-Oriented Services Self-Management Approach Based on Multi-Agent System Technique Fu Hou and Xinjun Mao.
  • CloudMF: Applying MDE to Tame the Complexity of Managing Multi-Cloud Applications Nicolas Ferry, Hui Song, Alessandro Rossini, Franck Chauvel and Arnor Solberg.
  • Development and Evaluation of a Multi-tenant Service Middleware PaaS Solution Michael Hahn, Santiago Gómez Sáez, Vasilios Andrikopoulos, Dimka Karastoyanova and Frank Leymann.
  • Metaheuristics-based Planning and Optimization for SLA-aware Resource Management in PaaS Clouds Edwin Yaqub, Ramin Yahyapour, Philipp Wieder, Constantinos Kotsokalis, Ali Jehangiri and Kuan Lu.
  • Dynamic Traffic Management for Interactive Cloud Services Fragkiskos Sardis, Glenford Mapp, Jonathan Loo and Mahdi Aiash.
  • Robustness Indicators for Cloud-based Systems’ Topologies Franck Chauvel, Hui Song, Nicolas Ferry and Franck Fleurey.


  • Performance Estimation for Business Workflows on Public Cloud Offerings using Probabilistic Model Checker Shinji Kikuchi.
  • Online QoS Modeling in the Cloud: A Hybrid and Adaptive Multi-Learners Approach Tao Chen, Rami Bahsoon and Xin Yao.
  • A Utility Model for Volunteered Service Composition Abdessalam Elhabbash, Rami Bahsoon, Peter Tino and Peter R. Lewis.
  • Detecting Discontinuities in Large Scale Systems Ian Davis, Haroon Malik and Michael Godfrey.

Short Papers

Resource Management and Profiling

  • Comprehensive Elastic Resource Management to Ensure Predictable Performance for Scientific Applications on Public IaaS Clouds In Kee Kim, Jacob Steele, Yanjun Qi and Marty Humphrey.
  • Priority-based Resource Scheduling in Distributed Stream Processing Systems for Big Data Applications Paolo Bellavista, Antonio Corradi, Andrea Reale and Nicola Ticca.
  • Scheduling Multiple Divisible Loads in a Multi-cloud System Seungmin Kang, Bharadwaj Veeravalli and Khin Mi Mi Aung.
  • AMAD: Resource Consumption Profile-Aware Attack Detection in IaaS Cloud Kahina Lazri, Sylvie Laniepce, Haiming Zheng and Jalel Ben-Othman.
  • Template Embedding: Application architecture based distributed cloud resource allocation Matthias Keller, Christoph Robbert and Holger Karl.
  • Proactive Workload Forecasting Model with Dynamic Resource Allocation for Modern Internet Application Mohammed Al Ghamdi.

Cloud Frameworks

  • Challenges in Achieving IaaS Cloud Interoperability across Multiple Cloud Management Frameworks Boris Parák and Zdeněk Šustr.
  • An Overview of Cloud Computing Adoption Challenges in the Norwegian Context Rania El-Gazzar.
  • SLAC: A Formal Service-Level-Agreement Language for Cloud Computing Rafael Brundo Uriarte, Francesco Tiezzi and Rocco De Nicola.
  • Towards a Mobile Ad-hoc Cloud Management Platform Ahmed Khalifa, Mohamed Azab and Mohamed Eltoweissy.
  • Applying the Prometheus methodology for an Internet of Things architecture Bogdan Manate, Teodor-Florin Fortis and Dr Philip T Moore.

Data Subsystems and Mining

  • PICav: Precise, Iterative and Complement-based Cloud Storage Availability Calculation Scheme Josef Spillner and Johannes Müller.
  • Pre-Processing Methods of Data Mining Asma Saleem, Khadim Hussain Asif, Ahmad Ali, Shahid Mahmood Awan and Mohammed A. Alghamdi.

Virtualization and IaaS Clouds

  • Adaptive Downtime for Live Migration of Virtual Machines Francisco J. Clemente-Castelló, Juan Carlos Fernández, Rafael Mayo and Enrique S. Quintana-Ortí.
  • Coordination-aware Elasticity Stefano Mariani, Hong-Linh Truong, Georgiana Copil, Andrea Omicini and Schahram Dustdar.
  • Loose-coupled Benchmark Framework Automates Performance Modeling on IaaS Clouds Xinni Ge, Zhengwei Qi and Ken Chen.

UCC 2014 Tutorials

  • Azure Machine Learning for Research, Kenji Takeda, Microsoft
  • Model-Driven Management of Multi-Cloud Applications, Danilo Ardagna,
  • The Intercloud Architecture and Project, David R. Bernstein,
  • Distributed Data Storage: From Dispersed Files to Stealth Databases, Josef Spillner, Johannes Müller
  • Software Development in Cloud: An Experiential Study with CMS, Chandra Sekaran K, Chandrasekaran K Professor
  • Data Analysis with R, Shruti Kohli, Shruti Kohli
  • Microsoft Azure for Research, Kenji Takeda
  • Autonomic Clouds, Omer Rana and Manish Parashar, Omer F. Rana
  • Help Clinical Intelligence take the next step using state-of-the art in-memory analytics, Oliver Vettel and Andreas Koop, Roche
  • CRISTAL : Designing Traceable Cloud-based Systems, Richard McClatchey, Andrew Branson

UCC 2014 Workshops

6th Cloud Control Workshop (CloudControl6)

Session: Managing Overload

  • Cloud Service Differentiation in Overbooked Data Centers Luis Tomas, Johan Tordsson
  • CLOUDFARM: An Elastic Cloud Platform with Flexible and Adaptive Resource Management Vladimir Nikolov, Steffen Kächele, Franz J. Hauck   

Session: Modelling for Performance Control

  • Object-Oriented Modelling and Simulation of Air Flow in Data Centres Based on a Quasi-3D Approach for Energy Optimisation Alberto Leva, Daniele Mastrandrea, Marco Bonvini, Alessandro Vittorio Papadopoulos
  • Towards Faster Response Time Models for Vertical Elasticity Ewnetu Bayuh Lakew, Cristian Klein, Francisco Hernandez-Rodriguez, Erik Elmroth   

Session: Managing Elasticity

  • Measuring Cloud Workload Burstiness Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Johan Tordsson, Erik Elmroth, Oleg Seleznjev, Sara Sjöstedt de Luna
  • On Controlling Cloud Services Elasticity in Heterogeneous Clouds Georgiana Copil, Daniel Moldovan, Hong-Linh Truong, Schahram Dustdar   

3rd International Workshop on Clouds and (eScience) Applications Management (CloudAM 2014)

Session: Cloud Architectures and Applications

  • A Cloud-based Data Farming Platform for Molecular Dynamics Simulations Dariusz Król, Michał Orzechowski, Jacek Kitowski, Christoph Niethammer, Anthony Sulistio, Mhd. Amer Wafai
  • A Service-Oriented Architecture and a DSL for Billing Resources in IaaS Cloud Platforms Nayane Viana, Fernando Trinta, Ricardo Viana, Rossana Andrade, Vinicius Garcia, Rodrigo Assad
  • Cloud Federation: Characterisation and Conceptual Model Marcio Assis, Luiz F. Bittencourt, Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz

Session: Resource Allocation and Scheduling

  • Enhanced Red-Black-Tree Data Structure for Facilitating the Scheduling of Reservations Marcos Dias De Assuncao
  • An Emulator for Evaluating Resource Allocation and Performance in Clouds Carlos Roberto Senna, Luiz F. Bittencourt, Edmundo Madeira
  • Prediction-based Instant Resource Provisioning for Cloud Applications Sunirmal Khatua, Moumita Mitra Manna, Nandini Mukherjee   

2nd International Workshop on Crowdsourcing and Gamification in the Cloud (CGCloud 2014)

Session: Crowdsourcing and Gamification

  • Tools for Gamification Analytics: A Survey Benjamin Heilbrunn, Philipp Herzig, Alexander Schill
  • Adaptive Approach for Gamification Optimization David Codish, Gilad Ravid
  • Crowdsourcing and Gamification of Enterprise Meeting Software Quality Ross Smith, Lori Ada Kilty
  • Crowd-Centric Requirements Engineering Remco Snijders, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Mahmood Hosseini, Alimohammad Shahri, Raian Ali
  • Gamification for Volunteer Cloud Computing Alimohammad Shahri, Mahmood Hosseini, Raian Ali, Fabiano Dalpiaz
  • Towards a Reusable Infrastructure for Crowdsourcing Tenshi Hara, Thomas Springer, Klemens Muthmann, Alexander Schill
  • Gamified Culture-aware Feedback Acquisition Malik Almaliki, Nan Jiang, Fabiano Dalpiaz and Raian Ali   

Special Session: Education in the Cloud

  • A cloud-based experiment platform for computer-based education Yu Liu, Bo Li, Jianwei Niu, Qinghua Cao
  • Governance Strategies for the Cloud, Big Data and other Technologies in Education Richard Self   

2nd International Workshop on Big Data and Social Networking Management and Security (BDSN 2014)

  • Social Network Data Summarization using Co-Clustering Mohiuddin Ahmed
  • Monitoring travel-related information on Social Media through sentiment analysis María Rosario Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Rocio Martinez-Torres, Sergio Toral
  • Topological properties of the core group in online communities Rocio Martinez-Torres, Carmen Diaz-Fernandez, Sergio Toral
  • Community Awareness in Academic Social Networks Pavlos Kosmides, Evgenia Adamopoulou, Konstantinos Demestichas, Chara Remoundou, Ioannis Loumiotis, Michael Theologou
  • A Fuzzy Big Data Algorithm for Twitter Opinion Analysis Bing Li, Keith C.C. Chan
  • Collaboration Networks of Levantine Biomedical Researchers Bassam Arkok, Mahmoud Al-Ayyoub, Yaser Jararweh, Izzat Alsmadi, Elhadj Benkhelifa
  • Using Big Data Methods in Opinion Mining and Sentimental Analysis Anis Zarrad, Abdulaziz Aljaloud, Izzat Alsmadi
  • XACML-Based Access Control for Decentralized Online Social Networks Robayet Nasim, Sonja Buchegger

1st International Workshop on Big Data, Intelligence Management and Analytics (BDIMA 2014)

  • 7 Rights of Individuation: the need for greater protection of individual rights in Big Data Fraser Sampson
  • Social Media In Crisis Management: Role, Potential and Risk Ioannis Kotsiopoulos
  • The EmerGent project: Emergency Management in Social Media Generation — Dealing with Big Data from Social Media Data Streams Reynold Greenlaw, Andrew Muddiman, Therese Friberg, Matthias Moi, Massimo Cristaldi, Thomas Ludwig, Christian Reuter
  • Combining big social media data and FCA for crisis response Helen Gibson, Simon Andrews, Konstantinos Domdouzis, Laurence Hirsh, Babak Akhgar
  • Data Interlocking: Coupling analytics to the data Yousef Kowsar, Harriet Dashnow, Andrew Lonie
  • Service-Oriented Design of a Command and Control Intelligence Dashboard for Crisis Management Konstantinos Domdouzis, Simon Andrews, Helen Gibson, Babak Akhgar, Laurence Hirsch
  • The problem with Data Joerg Fritsch, Coral Walker
  • Crawling open-source data for Indicators of Human Trafficking Ben Brewster, Tim Ingle   

1st IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Federation Management: Identity, Resources and Applications (CFM 2014)

  • A Design Space Review for General Federation Management Using Keystone Craig Lee
  • Federated Authentication and Credential Translation in the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure Ahmed Shiraz Memon, Jens Jensen, Aleš Černivec, Krzysztof Benedyczak, Morris Riedel
  • X.509 Authentication/Authorization in FermiCloud Hyunwoo Kim, Steven Timm
  • Distributed Cloud Federation Brokerage: A Live Analysis Prashant Khanna, Sonal Jain
  • A Model for Accomplishing and Managing Dynamic Cloud Federations Marco Fargetta, Salvatore Monforte, Giuseppe Andronico, Maurizio Paone, Massimo Villari   

1st International Workshop on Network Virtualization and Software-Defined Networks for Cloud Data Centres (NVSDN 2014)

  • Automatic Configuration of Opaque Network Functions in CMS Serena Spinoso, Marco Leogrande, Fulvio Risso, Riccardo Sisto, Sushil Signgh
  • On the cost of tunnel endpoint processing in overlay virtual networks Jagath Weerasinghe, Francois Abel
  • Effects of Virtualization on Network and Processor Performance using Open vSwitch and XenServer Adnan Noor Mian, Ali Mamoon, Raees Khan, Ashiq Anjum
  • Network Management in Cloud Computing for Public Administration: A Practical Use Case Marco Alfano, Davide Michelino, Roberto Vela, Silvio Pardi, Guido Russo   

1st International Workshop on Cloud Automation, Intelligent Management and Scalability (CAIMS 2014)

Session 1

  • Cost Optimization of Real-Time Cloud Applications Using Developmental Genetic Programing Stanislaw Deniziak, Leszek Ciopinski, Grzegorz Pawiński, Karol Wieczorek, Sławomir Bąk
  • Elastic Resource Provisioning to Expand the Capacity of Cluster in Hybrid Computing Infrastructure Ju-Won Park, Jae Keun Yeom, Jinyong Jo, Jaegyoon Hahm
  • Cloud Incident Management. Challenges, Research Directions and Architectural Approach Victor Ion Munteanu, Teodor-Florin Fortis   

Session 2

  • FI-Lab: Managing Resources and Services in a Cloud Federation supporting Future Internet Applications Theodore Zahariadis, Andreas Papadakis, Federico Alvarez, Jose Gonzalez, Fernando Lopez, Federico Facca, Yahya Al-Hazmi
  • Predicting Hot-spots in Distributed Cloud Databases using Association Rule Mining Joarder Kamal, Manzur Murshed, Mohamed Gaber   

1st International Workshop on Smart City Clouds: Technologies, Systems and Applications (SCCTSA 2014)

Session 1

  • Towards Cloud based Smart Cities Data Security and Privacy Management Abdul Ghafoor Abbasi, Zaheer Khan, Zeeshan Pervez   

Session 2

  • Study on Personalization and Customization Mechanisms of Vehicular Cloud Platform Muhammad Sarim Zafar, Farhan Ahmad
  • Using Space-based Downstream Services for Urban Management in Smart Cities Antonio Garzon, M. Palacios, Julia Pecci, Zaheer Khan, David Ludlow
  • Controlling the Processing of Smart City Data in the Cloud with Domain-Specific Languages Michel Krämer   

Session 3

  • Climate Downscaling Processes using WRF/chem and CALMET modelling systems: Madrid case study Roberto San Jose, Juan L. Pérez-Camaño, Julia Pecci, Antonio Garzón, Marino Palacios
  • Smart City as a Service (SCaaS): A Future Roadmap for E-Government Smart City Cloud Computing Initiatives Trevor Clohessy
  • Smart City Security Issues: Depicting information security issues in the role of a urban environment Felipe Ferraz, Carlos Ferraz   

1st International Workshop on Green Cloud Computing (GCC 2014)

Session 1

  • A Task Scheduling Strategy based on Weighted Round-Robin For Distributed Crawler Dajie Ge, Zhijun Ding
  • iHAC: A Hybrid Access Control Framework for IaaS Clouds Chao Zhou, Bo Li
  • An Efficient Algorithm for Partially Matched Web Services based on Consumer’s QoS Requirements Mariwan Ahmed, Lu Liu, James Hardy   

Session 2

  • Online Bursty Event Detection from Microblog Jianxin Li, Zhenying Tai, Richong Zhang, Weiren Yu, Lu Liu
  • Energy-Efficient Databases using Sweet Spot Frequencies Sebastian Götz, Thomas Ilsche, Jorge Cardoso, Josef Spillner, Thomas Kissinger, Uwe Assmann, Wolfgang Lehner, Wolfgang Nagel, Alexander Schill
  • Mercurial: A Traffic-saving Roll Back System for Virtual Machine Cluster Bin Shi, Deqing Chen, Li Bo, Lei Cui
  • Workload Analysis for the Scope of User Demand Prediction Model evaluations in Cloud Environments John Panneerselvam, Lu Liu, Nick Antonopoulos   

Session 3

  • Energy-Aware Server Provisioning at the Middleware level through Green Scheduling Daniel Balouek-Thomert, Eddy Caron, Laurent Lefevre
  • An Adaptive Policy to Minimize Energy and SLA Violations of Parallel Jobs on the Cloud Javier Celaya, Rizos Sakellariou
  • NOTE: This paper is located in POSTER SESSION
  • Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis in Social Networks: A Retweeting Structure-aware Approach Lu Lin, Jianxin Li, Richong Zhang, Weiren Yu, Chenggen Sun
  • NSLPA:A node similarity based label propagation algorithm for real-time community detection Qi Song, Bo Li

1st International Workshop on Advances in Cloud Computing Legislation, Accountability, Security and Privacy (CLASP 2014)

  • Accountable Health Care Service Provisioning in the Cloud Karin Bernsmed
  • A Cloud Adoption Risk Assessment Model Erdal Cayirci, Alexandr Garaga, Anderson Santana De Oliveira, Yves Roudier
  • Algorithms for Dispersed Processing Josef Spillner, Alexander Schill   

1st International Workshop on Trust in Cloud Computing (IWTCC 2014)

  • Optimal Feature Selection from VMware ESXi 5.1 Feature Set Amartya Hatua
  • Analysis of SDN contributions for Cloud Computing Security Wanderson Paim de Jesus, Daniel Alves Da Silva, Rafael Timóteo de Sousa Júnior, Francisco Vitor Lopes Da Frota
  • A Novel Trustworthiness Measurement Model for Cloud Service Lifeng Wang, Zhengping Wu
  • Property Based Attestation for a Secure Cloud Monitoring System Abir Awad, Sara Kadry, Brian Lee, Shuaijun Zhang
  • Construction of Agent-Based Trust in Cloud Infrastructure Johannes Harungguan Sianipar, Eyad Saleh
  • Environmental IoT: Programming Cyber-physical Clouds with High-level System Specifications Roberto Rodrigues Filho, Barry Porter, Gordon Blair   

1st International Workshop on Recomputability (Recomputability 2014)

  • Scientific Workflow Repeatability through Cloud-Aware Provenance  Khawar Hasham, Kamran Munir, Jetendr Shamdasani, Richard McClatchey
  • Share and Enjoy: Publishing Useful and Usable Scientific Models  Tom Crick, Benjamin A. Hall, Samin Ishtiaq, Kenji Takeda
  • Emulation-as-a-Service – Workflows and Infrastructure to Support Recomputable Science  Dennis Wehrle, Thomas Liebetraut, Isgandar Valizada, Klaus Rechert
  • Recomputation.org: Experience of Its First Year and Lessons Learned  Ian Gent, Lars Kotthoff

UCC 2014 Doctoral Symposium

  •  Re-engineering the Database Layer of Legacy Applications for Scalable Cloud Deployment D1. Martyn Ellison, Radu Calinescu and Richard Paige.
  • Truesource: A True Performance For Hierarchical Cloud Monitoring D2. Adam Currie, Aaron McConnell, Gerard Parr, Sally McClean and Kashaf Khan.
  • Sustainable Communications Infrastructures in the Cloud – Supporting the Information Economy D3. Conor McBay, Gerard Parr and Sally McClean.
  • Secret sharing scheme for data confidentiality preserving in a public-private hybrid cloud storage approach D4. Butoi Alexandru and Nicolae Tomai.
  • Scalable Analytic Models for Performance Efficiency in the Cloud D5. Awada Uchechukwu, Keqiu Li and Keqin Li.
  • Virtualization Security using Mandatory Access Control and Virtual Machine Introspection D6. Thu Yein Win, Huaglory Tianfield and Quentin Mair.
  • Energy-aware Virtual Machine Consolidation for Cloud Data Centers D7. Dabiah Alboaneen, Bernardi Pranggono and Huaglory Tianfield.
  • SLA Assured Brokering (SAB) and CSP Certification in Cloud Computing D8. Shyam S. Wagle.
  • CloudAdvisor – A Framework Towards Assessing Trustworthiness and Transparency of Cloud Providers D9. Mohammed Almanea.

UCC 2014 Cloud Challenge

  • An Experimental Tool for Elasticity Management Through Prediction Mechanisms Bruno A. Rosa, Vinícius A. Frederico, Luiz F. Bittencourt, Marcelo B. Pereira and Kayo S. Hisatomi.
  • Optimizing Scientific Workflows in the Cloud: A Montage Example Qingye Jiang, Alberto Gutierrez, Young Choon Lee, Manuel Arenaz, Luke M. Leslie and Albert Y. Zomaya.
  • Low Cost Energy Forecasting for SmartGrids using StreamMine3G and Amazon EC2 André Martin, Andrey Brito and Christof Fetzer.
  • Energy Cloud: real-time cloud-native Energy Management System to monitor and analyse energy consumption in multiple industrial sites Hugo Sequeira, Paulo Carreira, Thomas Goldschmidt and Philipp Vorst.

UCC 2014 Posters

  • Toward Enhancing Block I/O Performance for Virtualized Hadoop Cluster
  • Cost-efficient Provisioning of Cloud Resources Priced by CPU Frequency
  • Querying road traffic data from a Document store
  • Experience with Multi-Resource Aware Fair Sharing in Highly Heterogeneous Private Clouds
  • A Cloud-based Approach to GNSS Augmentation for Navigation Services
  • Toward a Cloud based Framework for Facilitating Software Development and Testing Tasks
  • Planning in the Cloud: Massively Parallel Planning
  • Multi-Clouds Mobile Computing for the Secure Storage of Data
  • Portable SDN Applications on the PaaS Layer
  • ChargeFlow – Workflow based chargeback processing
  • Interact: Gesture Recognition in the Cloud
  • NEMICO: Mining network data through cloud-based data mining techniques
  • An Experimental Analysis on Latency Improvement of Cloud-based Fleet Management System
  • Cloud-Imitating Honeypots for Novel Malware Detection and Analysis
  • An Adaptive Policy to Minimize Energy and SLA Violations of Parallel Jobs on the Cloud
  • The IKAROS Metadata service as a Utility