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Vol 1 No 1 (2014): Research in Game Behaviour
ISSN: 2051-0705As part of the final year of the BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Programming at the University of Derby, students take their final module of the course, entitled 'Game Behaviour'.The focus of the module is to look at elements such as physics and artificial intelligence (AI), exploring how techniques currently used in the industry as well as those in research and development can be adopted for gameplay purposes.In the Spring of 2013, our students were tasked to develop a small project that focussed on an area of their interest within the confines of the module.  The contents of this issue is some of the work produced in that class.The work selected for this first issue covers a range of different problems.  While in some instances the project had a particular focus on applying a particular methodology for the purposes of gameplay (Pace) or indeed to craft engine tools (Bodman), there are examples lifted from existing games such as Metal Gear (Moore) and Super Mario (Innes) where the authors have sought to replicate or expand upon existing work.It is a testament to the hard efforts of all students involved in this module that we are able to distribute these papers.  The quality of work in the class has proven to be very strong and we hope to publish more work in the coming months.-Dr Tommy Thompson
Published: 2014-01-07
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