• Inaugural Issue
    This is our first issue of Discovery, Invention and Application, our publication of some of the best of our students' final year dissertations. Congratulations go out not only to the students who have submitted the work that appears here, but to all our final year dissertation students who have worked so hard to produce such amazing work.  Well done, all of you!
  • 2015
    This is our second -- and long delayed! -- issue of Discovery, Invention and Application.  We hope you enjoy it! Congratulations to our students for having produced such interesting and valuable work.
  • 2016
    Welcome to our third issue of Discovery, Invention and Application, our journal of selected final-year Computing dissertations. We hope you continue to find it interesting and useful.
  • 2017
    Now in our fourth year, this is our largest and most diverse issue yet. Congratulations and thanks go out to all of our authors for their contributions!
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