Real-time Simulation of Compressible Flow Using a Smooth Particle Approach

  • Jacob Hadley Green University of Derby


Fluid simulation is a complex research area with a wide level of applications and studies in the field. Ranging from the highest level of Fluid Mechanical Physics to Fluid Dynamics, We will be researching the application of compressibility in fluid simulations and exploring the challenges associated with its implementation.
The simulation methods and approaches vary between physical accuracy and visual believability depending entirely on the type of application. Applications that focus on physical accuracy of a fluid would invest on more complex simulation methods that utilize more accurate real world physical laws to return a greater deal of fluid accuracy and behaviour, while simulations that don't require a focus on simulation accuracy and instead on visual believability will choose techniques that are more desirable for speed and visual properties, these simulations may choose to limit or even omit realistic rules to govern the fluid behaviour to further the desired behaviour.
This paper will explore traditional methods and factors that go into developing fluid simulations so as to learn more about modelling compressible behaviour in simulating fluids. I intend to explore the challenges in implementing compressible behaviour of fluids so as to learn about how simple compressibility effects can be implemented or modelled in simulations. The ultimate goal is to understand and identify challenges in developing compressible behaviour in soft-body fluid simulations.
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