Marker based tangible interface for video game level creation

  • Joshua Tom Higgins University of Derby


This project set out to investigate how well tangible inputs can be used to create levels for a video game. This investigation focuses more on the technical implementations of level editor functions with a tangible user interface. This project will look over the current state of the art of augmented reality and tangible interface. It also provides a summary of the functions that are usually implemented into a level editor. Using this combined knowledge, the state of current tangible level editors will be examined. After this the methodology for designing and testing a tangible editor will be discussed. Finally, the results of this testing will be analysed and any improvements that can be made will be discussed.
At the end of this project we can see that it is technically possible to implement these features into a tangible editor. This editor is fully functional however there are minor flaws that could be fixed with further research into the subject. This paper will examine these flaws in depth and suggest further functionality improvements that could be made to fix these flaws.
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