Internet of Things: The Design and Testing of ZigBee for the Health Monitoring and Wellbeing of the Elderly Community

  • Ben Michael Lycett University of Derby


Due to the expansion of the human population and the advances in medication, we are seeing an increase in the number of elder people throughout the community who wish to remain independent. However, choosing to live an independent lifestyle in later life can carry severe consequences due to the health condition of elderly patients not being monitored as closely and frequently by their designated healthcare professionals as it would be if they lived in a residential home posing a potential threat to the life of an elderly individual. With the increase of age, elderly people in particular are more likely to develop chronic or terminal illnesses such as arthritis, heart or lung disease and cancer which are more likely to require close monitoring to help prevent their condition from deteriorating where one to one care should be given on a regular basis. Therefore, this dissertation project focuses on the design and development of a health monitoring system consisting of a number of sensors which could be implemented within a smart home environment dedicated to the elderly community where health conditions such as heart rate, body temperature and mobility movements can be frequently monitored within a smart home environment by designated healthcare professionals from a remote location using an internet connection. Findings from this project have discovered that the ZigBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit is a suitable solution for a health monitoring system as it has the ability to provide accurate readings of temperature, heart rate and mobility movements of a patient by displaying these readings to the online dashboard making them accessible to remote users. However, further research is recommended before its deployment in a real world environment in order to make the ZigBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit a more efficient, effective and reliable solution.
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