We’ve Moved!

Computing and Mathematics have moved from Kedleston Road to Markeaton Street, and Electronics have new offices. We’re all in or near the new STEM area of the main Markeaton Street building.

Looking for a member of staff?  See the table below:

Staff Room
Adnane, Asma MS310
Andrade, Jose Manuel MS225
Anjum, Ashiq Markeaton Lodge
Bagdasar, Ovidiu MS229
Barnby, Lee MS229
Berry, Robert MS103
Bousbaine, Amar MS226
Chen, Minsi MS229
Conniss, Rich MS229
Dring, Mark MS228
Farid, Mohsen MS310
Franqueira, Virginia MS310
Hardy, James MS308
Hill, Adam MS228
Hunt, Roisin MS103
Kharaz, Ahmad MS225
Korpelainen, Nicholas MS229
Kurugollu, Fatih MS312
Lane, Phil MS231
Larcombe, Peter MS306
Lawson, Phil MS302
Le, Huirong MS312
Lewis, Simon MS228
Liu, Lu MS304
McDonald, Carlton MS226
McKenzie, Ian MS228
Mills, Barry MS225
Mitchell, Shane MS103
Morris, Phil MS103
Murtagh, Fionn MS312
Parkes, Chris MS229
Parkes, Dennis MS226
Pigden, Louise MS307
Redgate, John MS226
Rippin, Wayne MS308
Roberston-Begg, John MS226
Sams, Ben MS228
Self, Richard MS308
Shafik, Mahmoud MS225
Smith, Ash MS302
Smith, Kim MS303
Voorhis, Dave MS308
Whitbrook, Amanda MS310
Wiggins, Bruce MS228
Wilmhurst, Tim MS303
Wilson, David MS225
Windmill, Chris MS308
Xue, Yong MS231
Yang, Zhiyin MS312
Zhai, Xiaojun MS225
Zhu, Peggy MS310
Zoras, Stamatis MS306
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