Student Publications


Our student publications can be found here,, where we publish the best work from our students. Individual publications can be found as follows:-

First Year Undergraduates

Our first year students create articles in their first 8 weeks of their studies in a course called Introduction to Computer Science, where they research a topic that is interesting to them about the impact and consequences of changes in computing technology over the last 25 years and how it has affected our lives in the way that we entertain ourselves, communicate and also how cyber-crime has developed and what is being done to investigate cyber-crime. All articles graded as 60% are then collected together and edited by a volunteer into an e-book called “Computers for Everyone”

Second Year Undergraduates

Our second year students on the BSc IT programme create articles during their “IT Services Management” module. All articles graded as 65% are then collected together and edited by a volunteer into an e-book called “Introducing New IT Services”.

Third Year Undergraduates

Our third year students are much more prolific in their publishing outputs and, across our various programmes, produce four publications based on their assignments for taught modules where we publish those graded at 70% and above (i.e. First Class Honours level). We also publish the best of the Dissertations.

Sustainable Information and Corporate Governance

The e-books can be found here

Enterprise Systems and Information Security and Assurance

These two capstone modules address the impact on SMEs of the introduction of new technologies and practices from a range of perspectives. Each annual volume contains two e-books. The e-books can be found here.

Game Behaviour

The e-book can be found here.


The best of the dissertations can be found here.