Student Project receives praise from Epic Games

S.S. Eternity‘, a game prototype being developed by a team of our final year students has caught the attention of the games industry prior to it’s completion.

The team of final year CGP and CGMA students called Oarboar have built an interesting puzzle game for the Game Development module that moves between the past and present in order to get past obstacles.  The game is being developed in the Unreal Engine, and caught the eye of Mark Rein, the co-founder and vice president of Epic Games (the creators of the Unreal Engine) caught wind of the game and expressed his own excitement for the project via Twitter.

You can watch the video below and see why folk are getting excited.  S.S. Eternity, along with the other titles being developed in Game Development, will be the showcase of the Games @ Derby Expo on 19th December.  We’re all looking forward to the playable product!

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