Staff Conference and Media Videos

This is a collection of some of the videos of our staff in action at conferences and in interviews with the media and other organisations

Richard J Self

Conference Presentations

Novel Approaches to Learning and Teaching SAS-based Analytics, IBM Big Data Analytics EdCon, Las Vegas, November 2-3, 2013, co-author: Dave Voorhis. See also the full paper Novel Approaches to Learning and Teaching SAS based Analytics. See the presentation at this link.

Inspiring and Delivering Outstanding Student Excellence, Keynote Address at International Journal of Arts and Sciences Conference,  Toronto, Canada, May 2014, to be published as a full article in the IJAS. The video of it is here.


Interview by SearchData Management / TechTarget on 6 November 2013 at the IBM Information Demand conference in Las Vegas, see this link

Interviewed by SAS® at the 28 Nov 2013  SAS Careers Fair at Brunel University, UK. See time stamp 1:31 at this link

Interviewed by SAS at the SAS Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt on 4 June 2014, see this link on the topic of developing Analytics skills by research and creating Industry Partnerships to address the Analytics Skills gap.