Social Media – IBM Colloquium

Mandy Chessell – Emerging Ethics around big data and analytics

Questions relate to the problem that analytics can deliver value to a range of stakeholders but what are the limits? Are they sinister or ethically challenging.

e.g. Target and pregnancy prediction

Ultimately about the changing balance between the individual and corporations and state and the data collectors.

Or in Insurance, risk is no longer pooled, but calculated on individual risk. leads to higher and lower premiums, not average. Is this changing the social role of insurance as a pooling of risk, eg Flood insurance?

Then begs the question of what is ethical? Disjunction between Normative ethics of society and individuals and with the Applied Ethics in business.

Ultimately the question revolves around the actions taken with the insight.

Interesting framework presented for an Ethical Framework

Interesting DPA implication to correct incorrect data on collated data.

David de Roure – e-Research Centre Oxford, Digital Social Research and ESRC

Big Data transcends subject boundaries

Three things
Big Data
Personal Data
Open Data

Needs more compute resources and also is accessible to many more people (social networks, “Big Social”)

Ethics of both Purpose and also product.

Who owns the IP?

Different data perspective – ESRC PERSPECTIVE

Open data
Commercial data
Research data
Securely held data

Main focus is Social Media data and real time analytics

Application of Actor Network Theory to this?

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