SAS Global Forum 2014 Opening Session

Jim Goodnight, CEO SAS

Big Data is worthless without Analytics

SAS VA supports Analysts and users

VA and Text Analytics now understands Twitter feeds

SAS and SAP for SAP HANA integration

BI is the past, Big Data Analytics is the future

Key emphasis is on Fraud detection.

Critical gap forecast for the number of analytics experts

New offering of SAS University Edition Software for free with SAS Studio.

Stu Bradley

Cyber Fraud using SAS and a single view of all data assets

demonstrated by ATM Risk analysis based on ATM withdrawals, using geolocation in SAS VA. Based on real fraud attract which cost $45M. Using realtime data the attack could have been easily stopped

Jim Davis

1500 attendees at SAS Executive Conference

1500 SAS Global Users

300 academics

SAS Direction

Modernisation of technology, data, infrastructure, methods and ideas.

Jim Goodnight

Introducing Visual Analytics, their new offering for July 2014, lives on top of SAS Visual Analytics

Demo with 1000000 records data set of insurance claims

Jim Goodnight introduces Rogers (Canadian Telecoms) using SAS and Hadoop for analysis of data relating to their 12M customers

Marje Fecht

4500 attendees at the opening session

20% overseas attendees

Title / theme is Potential of One, Power of All

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