SAS Analytics Academic Forum – Talent Matters

Analytical talent is critical, no longer find people for a job but find jobs for talent.

Creativity matters for Analytics,

Communication is critical to meet people at many levels.

Presentation and writing skills vital

Talk to people who are different, who think differently, who have different ideas. Multiple perspectives.

Listening skills needed

Need Critical thinking skeptics are needed, together with creativity

Also need balanced team for successful analytics

Interdisciplinary teams needed (see comments from the IBM Colloquium)

Be insatiably curious about everything

compare R and SAS – SAS is very high capacity and handles multiple sources and integration

Questions from panel to academia

Soft skills – Alfredo Cateriano – CAO Ford Motor Credit

Passion and curiosity for the problems that need to be solved – Mark Pitts, SVP Analytics – SourceHOV

Reach out and develop connections to solve the unknown- Kald Abdallah – VP – Sanofi US

Industry to reach out to Academia with problems and ideas and data – Dr Nicole Ferguson – Associate Prof. Kennesaw State University

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