IoD Day 3 – Data Stewards

John Grage, Disc0ver Financial Services

Three levels, Executive, Business and Technical Data Stewards

Link to ISO 27K concepts of data ownership

Formally identified levels and responsibilities

In Discover there are 13 at Executive level, 89 Business and 21 at technical level, a total of 123 individuals.

They are subject matter experts.

Data Governance Team of 12 + 3 offshore members, concentrating on Regulatory issues with data, attributes, metadata management.

One aspect of data quality is the use of scorecards of the data quality at line of business level of the business level stewards.

Important to manage Sensitive Data (UK context is DPA related data).

Data Architecture Review Board rules on exceptions to data governance and data design standards

DG focusses on Regulatory reporting, Business optimisation and business efficiency.

Strong programme to identify, support and develop Data Stewards at all levels is vital. A highly personal approach is valuable.

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