IoD Day 2 – Leading Aircraft Manufacturer Explores Big Data Across the Enterprise

Value in data not used, but what are the risks of using personal data or other data that should not be used. Also how do we connect all that raw data. Based on Airbus.

Topic is connecting data and integrating it. This is an analysis of IBM InfoSphere Explorer as a tool. Keep data in place and connect to it via a master schema. Start simple and develop from there.

The Use case is in the Customer Support organisation dealing with Airlines, at least 15 different systems might need to be accessed, took average of 50 minutes to answer customer query, needed to be reduced to 15 minutes, cost saving of $38M Critical aspect of delivering the benefits is the development of connectors between search environment and the data sources.

The connectors must use the the published APIs for each source. No connector activity to the underlying database. It ensures that the access uses the correct understanding of the data structures and meanings. It also delivers the security management and access control.

Connector delivers Read-only access to all the data.

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