IoD Day 2 – IBM Watson: Transforming how Companies and Clients Interact

Darrin Karras

In medicine there are 800,000 journals, no doctor can read more than 3

Emphasis on the use of Watson on treating Cancer, dealing with the ocean of unstructured data and expertise from all the experts around the world to help doctors to identify cancer more effectively, based on training Watson to be as good as the best around world for the benefit for all.

Evolving expectations

270B calls to call centres per year, 50%  require escalation or go unresolved. The calls cost $600B and half not resolved! Wasted value of $300B to add to the other $500B of failed and problematic ICT!

Re-uses the banking use-case from the first day.

Watson gives answers, with the ability for the user to ask for the evidence and then to inspect the evidence.

Examples of planned use of Watson in Financial Services, Mobile Phones

Watson cannot answer emotional questions.

Needs significant training for each domain. No explanations required, just right / wrong and Watson figures out the common factors.

Watson is a tool that complements BI, Data Warehouses and Analytics

Watson is a reader and can adjust for changing views of what is up-to date.

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