Introducing Governance, Big Data Analytics, Ethics and Related Ideas

This is a 45 minute talk that I gave to our first year computing students at the School of Computing and Maths at the University of Derby, in a series of Subjects in Computer Science The series can  be found here

My Governance talk can be found here

It weaves together the ideas that fascinate and worry me about the complexity of Corporate and Information Governance in the modern world of Big Data Analytics and the regular catastrophic failures of IT.

It introduces some recent research by some of my students into the rising levels of Stress caused by the use of IT in all aspects of our lives, which has risen to something in the range of 85% to 95%, based on some original research in the field by D Rosen and M Weil in 1995. This has an impact on the Duty of Care of Corporate Directors to consider the interests of their employees,, as described in the UK Companies Act 2006.

It concludes by challenging the audience, who will be leading IT developments in 10 to 15 years, to consider what they will do to start avoiding many of the problems with current IT products.

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