Interesting stuff of late

Wow, it seems like I have been dead since November! What have I been up to?

  • Marking: Those who took Networks and Security, 5CC515, in fall 2012 know what this is all about. Never again (and that will help students as well as me).
  • FPGA stuff: My work with Rob Doyle’s PDP-8 implementation has been fun and instructive; I’ve successfully added an instruction to the CPU! (Gosh.) It is running on a Terasic DE2 with moderate finesse.
  • Music work: Dave Voorhis and I built Anushri, an interesting hybrid analogue/digital monophonic synth. (Dave did almost all of the building; thanks is to him that it works at all!) Anushri is based on a ATMega328p microcontroller and the firmware is free (as in speech). Once I acquire a programmer, hacking can begin.
  • Language stuff: I have been learning about the ANTLR parser generator and LLVM compiler framework and using them in Language Design and Implementation, 6CC509. If you are not in CS then you’re missing out on some interesting stuff!
  • Publishing: A few papers have dribbled out, concerning reasoning about musical scores using formal logic, efficient spatial reasoning using Kowalski’s Event Calculus, and the use of linked open data for natural disaster relief efforts.

That is a lot of my 2013 so far!

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