Information Overload

We live in an ocean of data and are yet thirst for information.

The world of Big Data requires us to find ways of identifying key nuggets of actionable information and knowledge amongst this overwhelming mass of data. Data needs to be managed effectively, analysed appropriately and then presented in a way that the key messages can be detected and decisions made.

The decisions may be related to individual needs (which hospital is best for me for my current needs?) or might be for corporate strategy development or day to day operational management (which markets should we enter or drop?).

In all of these activities, we need to be aware of the availability, structure, meaning and complexity of the data so that we can then select, analyse and present information in the most appropriate way.

The 2013 Overloaded conference provides some interesting insights to the key issues. Have a look at the topics that each of the speakers will be talking about.

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