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  • Dr. Elena Asimakopoulou (University of Bedfordshire)
  • Dr. David Day (Sheffield Hallam University)
  • Dr. Gabriel-Adrian Deak (University of Ulster)
  • Dr. George Exarchakos (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Professor Pierre Kuonen (University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland)
  • Dr. Peter Norrington (University of Bedfordshire)
  • Dr. Andreas Oikonomou (Nottingham Trent University)
  • Dr. Christos Politis (Kingston University)
  • Dr. Florin Pop (University Politechnica of Budapest, Romania)
  • Daniel Reina (University of Seville)
  • Dr. Godfried Williams (Intellas UK Ltd)
  • Asta Zelenkauskaite (Indiana State University)
  • Yan Wu (Tongji Unviersity)
  • Rongyan Xu (Yangzhou Polytechnic University)
  • Professor Hai Zhuge (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Visiting Professors >

  • Professor Rajkumar Buyya (University of Melbourne)
  • Professor Antonio Liotta (Eindhoven University of Technology)
  • Dr. Manish Parashar (State University of New Jersey)

Recent PHD Graduates >

  • Dr Stelios Sotiriadis – The Inter-cloud Meta-scheduling Model
  • Dr Tendai Dube – A flexible e-learning system inspired by Design Methodology Management.
  • Dr. David Day – The design and implementation of novel and improved network based intrusion detection systems for countering buffer overflow attacks.
  • Dr. Zhang, Kan – A Cluster Based Incentive Mechanism for Peer-to-Peer Systems.
  • Dr Wei Wei Goh –  The Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Developing and Enhancing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Higher Education: A Qualitative Study.
  • Dr Xun Ouyang – Image Synthesis of Virtual Environment Construction for Real Time Internet based e-learning.
  • Dr Fareeha Zafar – Global Mobility Management with Route Optimization in Cellular Networks.
  • Dr Justin Rogowski – Investigation into Automatic Identification of Bottlenose Dolphins Using Data Fusin Techniques.
  • Dr Paul Boddey – On-line Index to a Virtual Design Process for Collaborative Product Development over the Internet.

Current PHD Students >

  • Olayinka Johnny – Internet of Things Dynamic Architecture
  • Winnie Makinde – Social Networking Search Engine
  • Kainth, Haresh Singh – Applying Thread-Level Speculation to an Asymmetric Chip-Multicore Processor.
  • Moatshe, Racious Moilamashi – Barriers to successful implementation of E-government in developing countries: The case of Botswana Government.
  • Wu, Pianhui – Digital Image Watermarking Based on Scrambling Transformation and Chaotic Encryption.
  • Hussain Al-Aqrabi – A Novel Framework for Business Intelligence Security on the Clouds.
  • Mariwan Ahmed – An Efficient Service Selection Method Based on QoS.
  • Bo Yuan – Effective Knowledge Discovery from Big Data.
  • John Panneerselvam – An Intelligent Resource Management Model for Green Cloud Computing.
  • Reza Montasari – Risk Assessment on Social Networking Personal and Private Information.