Case Studies

Case Studies Research Approach

The approach taken by the School of Computing and Mathematics has had two main components, following the needs of the two categories of users within our environment. We have nurtured research that aligns staff expertise with non-academic beneficiaries’ goals. Simultaneously, we have increased our profile by becoming known as a source for expert knowledge and a purveyor of education to those outside the HE sector; critically, this has led to being consulted repeatedly.

Case Study 1: Knowledge Transfer of Innovative Cloud Computing Technologies

Works are concerned with the development, application and dissemination of innovative cloud-based technologies to industrial problem domains. First, decentralised scheduling is implemented within federated Clouds, to facilitate the new drug discovery process for a global pharmaceutical company. Second, multi-objective approaches to the management and optimisation of video processing and analysis workflows in distributed environments is described in the context of an SME organisation that is developing new products, services and markets. Both of these examples have attracted, and continue to attract, commercial funding, and demonstrate the efficacy of knowledge transfer into industry from University of Derby (UoD) research.

Case Study 2: Sustainable Cloud Computing

This work delivers a sustainable approach to the provision of large-scale Cloud Computing resources, through an international research collaboration. The platform enables the widening of participation in Higher Education (HE) across nations, by transforming the provision of IT system resources. The transformation is achieved through the effective sharing and utilisation of flexibly reconfigurable computing resources, whilst reducing the impact upon global carbon emissions. Significantly, the international nature of this research has been recognised by considerable funding from both Chinese and UK agencies. Additionally, the creation of closer research links between international partners has resulted in industrial commercialisation.

Case Study 3: Digital games for children with Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

The work is concerned with children suffering from Cystic fibrosis (CF) that is one of the most common life-threatening diseases internationally, with over 9000 UK patients. The focus is to engage young patients (2-12 years of age) with their treatment in a better manner. Our efforts on digital games have led to reduce patient’s treatment effort and enable remote data access leading to, a potentially better management of monitoring patient’s progress and reduced dependency on and use of centralised hospital resources and thus, potential time and cost savings for patient families.