Distributed and Intelligent Systems (DISYS) Centre for Research and Technology Transfer

Director of the DISYS research centre is Professor Nik Bessis

DISYS is a research centre within the School of Computing and Mathematics. It has been formed as a group back in 2010 and gained the University Research Centre status in April 2013.

The principal goal of DISYS is to become a distributed computing research environment and a think tank of international excellence by continuously providing evidence of its contribution to and impact on society. DISYS aims to achieve this through its research and enterprise collaborations and intense scholarly research activities in the fields of Interoperable and interconnected distributed e-infrastructures, including:

        • Future Internet
        • Internet of Things (IoT)
        • Smart environments
        • Embedded systems
        • P2P
        • Grid and Cloud computing

The emphasis here is on the design, development and implementation of model architectures, heuristics, algorithms, protocols and applicable real world systems to facilitate efficient and accurate resource management in large-scale heterogeneous networks.

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