Upcoming Titles

Fortunately what we have up on our games page is not everything. There are still plenty of games being developed by students across all years and are looking forward to what’s coming out way. Here we show a selection of games we know about that are currently in development. Check out the links attached to these games and show the guys your support.


Lazarus is being developed in-part by final-year CGP student Andrew Roper at SpiltMilkStudios.  A re-working of classic top-down space shooters, the game utilises the multi-touch interface provided by iOS devices to give you dual stick control without the sticks!  Andrew showcased the title at the Eurogamer Expo in September 2012 and it was looking fantastic then.  We’re looking forward to seeing more in the near future with an intended Xmas release.  For more info checkout Lazarus on Facebook.