Student Games

One of the cool things about studying games programming is that once you have developed your skills to a sufficient level, then you can begin to craft complete games. Developing games carries a unique drive and interest from staff and students alike.  We love playing games and are equally excited to create them!  Even better, there are loads of gamers out there who love to play new games too!  Fancy that?  It gives CGP a unique audience to our programme that is unlike any other in the School of Computing and Maths.

The games listed below come from a range of students throughout our programme.  Some of these titles were made as part of a module studied with us in the CGP degree, while others have been developed outside of class and have been published to buy via stores such as the Android/iPhone app stores and the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace.  We will also be shining the spotlight on games that are currently works in progress from our current students over at the Upcoming Titles page.  Check it out too!

Check out the games showcased below, they all carry a unique flavour of awesome.

2 Person Games

2 Person Games is exactly what it says on the tin; an indie studio formed by 2 guys, who are making games! 2PG were formed in 2010 by ‘the artist’: Oliver Rutherford and ‘the programmer’: Sam Albon. The team publish titles for PC and soon Xbox Live.

Team Members: Sam Albon and Oliver Rutherford

Space Salvager

Space Salvager focusses on exploration and resource gathering; moving through over 80 areas of space to collect salvage. However you have to be ready for whatever is awaiting you in the deepest darkest recesses of space! Customise your ship as you level-up from continued experience and get out there! Space Salvager is currently on Desura and IndieCity. We should hopefully be seeing an Xbox Live Indie Marketplace release in the coming months.

Space Salvager is up now on Desura and IndieCity.


IndieSkies formed up from a group of students both in our Computer Games Programming and Computer Game Modelling and Animation degrees for placement during the 2011/2012 academic year. With a team of eleven in total; eight programmers and three artists, they published a steady stream of titles during their placement year. Having had a fantastic year, the team returned to the school in the 2012/2013 year to finish their degrees.

Team Members: Chris Barnes, Laurie Brown, Kevin Chandler, Theo Chin, Matt Floyd, David Harris, David Jones, Lenny Joseph-Mathurin, Andrew Roper, Robert Shilling and Jake Woodruff.
Studio Website:

20 Games (To Play With Your Mates)

A personal favourite of some of the teaching staff, 20 Games is an Xbox 360 title that  collects a series of small yet addictive multi-player games ranging from two to four players. Regardless of what your tastes are, there’s bound to be something here that will slowly begin to take up a lot of your time.  The CGP staff have our own favourites and we’re sure you will too.

The game is a whopping 80 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace.  In real money that’s a mere £0.69!  Buy this, get your mates round, open up some beers and you’re guaranteed a good time. Check it out on the Xbox Marketplace, do it now!


Pillowdrift are a team of students who formed their own studio in the 2012/2013 academic year as part of their placement year. Their focus is on the creation of small, addictive titles that are tailored towards using touch to drive fun, high-score-racking experiences.

With one title released and two more currently in development, we’re looking forward to more to play from these guys!

Team Members: Alex Bird, Grant Livingstone, Jitesh Rawal and Richard Webster-Noble.
Studio Website:

Mega Driller Mole

PillowDrifts first title Mega Driller Mole pushes the player to smash their way through the terrain to acquire as much gems as possible while avoiding the obstacles of the underworld!

Mega Driller Mole is available on the Android app store right now. Oh we forgot to mention, IT’S FREE!! FREE AWESOME GAME TO PLAY!  Well worth checking out.

Twin Drills

Another team that has been publishing indie titles as a small unit. Resident “code monkey” Tim Leonard teamed up with “the amazing pixel artist” Jordan Chewning to start working on indie titles. Twin Drills philosophy is really straightforward: make games we want to play, and hope other folk dig it. The team have been together since 2008 and their first big project Zombie Grinder is building up a lot of momentum.

Team Members: Jordan Chewning and Tim Leonard

Zombie Grinder

Zombie Grinder seems designed to appeal to those of us with ‘refined gaming sensibility’, i.e. guys who grew up playing games in the 90s.  It’s a co-operative mutli-player game that is reminiscent of Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Super Smash TV – which were suffered from a terminal case of raging awesomeness – and gives it a more modern spin.

Zombie Grinder is currently riding high on Desura and is currently pushing for release via Steam Greenlight.  Get onto the Greenlight page and give them your vote, you won’t regret it.