Computer Games Programming

Welcome to our dedicated Computer Games Programming (CGP) mini-site.  These pages are not only for our own students to showcase their work to one another, but give an indication to prospective students and interested parties the work that is being conducted here.   In these pages we highlight the work being done by our students by publishing a variety of material:

  • For those new to Computer Games Programming @ Derby, please take a couple of minutes to read our CGP Introduction by current Programme Leader Tommy Thompson.
  • The CGP News page will post updates periodically on what is happening both inside the class and out.
  • Our Student Portfolio page is dedicated to our students who have built an online portfolio of work to showcase their talents.
  • Our Student Games page shows off the biggest and best games our students have thus far published.
  • We place great focus on the Game Development module, which is a new class starting in the 2012/2013 year, where CGP and CGMA students have just 12 weeks to build a high-quality demo of a game they could potentially publish.

We aim to keep these pages updated frequently with new content, to give everyone informed on what’s happening in the programme.  If you have any questions about the programme or the work published on these pages, please feel to email the Programme Leader Dr Tommy Thompson.

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