DEBS: the final day

This is the last day of DEBS! As you can tell, my descriptions are getting more and more terse andthis is likely to continue; apologies. Concentrating through physical discomfort is no fun.

Modernizing Legacy Systems with Event-Driven Architecture and Complex Event Processing by Jennifer Maxwell, Director, Technology Services, BNSF (Burlington Northern Sante Fe) is pretty interesting. She is describing how BNSF uses the sensors available to them (this is surprisingly restricted on a railway that operates in US climates) and event processing to determine train locations, predict equipment needs, and proactively help deal with dangerous situations. This is in the context of an existing system built using Cobol, DB2, and Natural (!). Not profound in a research sense, but pretty hard core in terms of engineering and Making It Work.

The research talks that followed talked about streaming operator placement. Beate Ottenwdlder et al. sprinkle them among mobile virtual hosts. She presented how migration plans might be constructed and evaluated this through simulations. I hate mobility models (just a personal editorial stance–they can exist but I’d rather not deal with them) so I mentally checked out for a bunch of this talk.

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