CGP @ JournoDevSwap

This weekend saw host to the JournoDevSwap at the London Games Festival.  The idea behind the event, hosted by the UKIE is pretty straightforward: game developers and journalists swap their hats and take on each others respective roles .   The team of aspiring journalists came from a range of areas in the game industry:  Andrew Smith of Spilt Milk Studios, Mark Backler from Lionhead, Peter Theophilus-Bevis from Blitz and Jim Griffiths from Mediatonic’s.

However the team of newly minted developers, ranging from Keith Stuart from the Guardian and Dan Griliopoulos from IGN were not left in the deep end unattended.  Each developer had access to a group of students to provide expertise, answer questions and generally to keep them from going crazy.

Amazingly, all of the students taking part either as artist or programmer studied in Derby’s own CGP and CGMA; Chris BarnesKarn BiancoKevin ChandlerTheo Chin,  Dave Jones, Luc Shelton, and Jake Woodruff.

With the dust settled, the sleep-deprivation at a high and the games submitted, the only thing left was to decide the winner.  Theo and Keith Stuart’s title Double Droids reviewed by Andrew Smith won the game jam.  Congrats to both!

With the event closed, UKIE CEO Jo Twist had some nice things to say for all parties involved!

“The Derby Students have done a brilliant job, the developers have had their eyes opened to different kinds of deadlines and the journalists have been able to get their hands dirty and have seen how hard is actually is.”

A big congratulations to all the guys who participated.  Looks like it was a great experience for all.

You can see the submitted games currently on IndieSkies where you can get started playing provided you have the Unity web player installed.  Also check out the full set of stores on the event over on Develop and Keith’s great live feed over at the Guardian.

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