Big Data Analytics Analytics – 12 Vs for Governance

The focus of the research is into a range of issues raised by the 12 Vs of Big Data which were identified by my final year students during their work for two modules in Spring 2014. They expanded on the more familiar 6 Vs of Big Data.

Three of the traditional Vs characterise Big Data, the Vs of Volume, Velocity and Variety. Traditionally, these are supplemented by Value and Veracity. My students expanded these with the following:-


The 12 Vs are explored in depth in this presentation from the SAS Analytics 2014, Frankfurt, 5 June 2014.

A copy of the section on the 12 Vs is here in the form of a PDF of the slides in Notes form.

During 2014 / 2015, 10 final year students researched the question of the veracity of Location Services because it turns out that location services are inaccurate in a range of circumstances. The following screen-shots illustrate some of the problems.

location 2

The two photos at the bottom left of the image are located 22.5 km from their correct location


In this image, the apparent journey from the end of the track down to the bottom of the image (a journey of over 150m) and back happened whilst I was stationary.

MIA Movement

In this image, the trip between the green and red pins also occurred whilst I was stationary for over an hour.

The students’ projects are designed to identify what proportion of location services is incorrect, by how much and in what circumstances these errors occur.

The results of their research can be found here