Applications and Adoption Session

ClearReturns company Vicky Brock

Predictive analytics for Retail

Challenge is “So What?”

Need to develop the “So What?” culture with the “Wild Ducks” valued.

Interesting and valuable questions and ideas, Data Artists?

Multi disciplinary team, including psychology, economics, data analytics

Failure is expected (30% to 50%) to learn. Do not hide mistakes.

Chris Nott –

Acting on insight is critical for organisations.

What is happening?
Why did it happen?
What could happen?
What action should I take?

Target losing customers as a result of losing 70M credit card details

NB CDOs now multiplying.

Lauren Walker

Infuse Analytics into key business processes

Brand relationships with the individual and emotional connections.

Next best action.

Differences between generations X, Y and Z are interesting and vital.

BBVA managing overall reputation, rather than targeting the individual.

Creating new business models

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