Accuracy of Location Services on Smart Devices


Some research suggests that GPS services are accurate to +/- 10 metres for 95% of requests.

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However, there are many anecdotal reports that this is not the case. An organisation called Thinknear has published three quarterly infographics suggesting that in practice, LBS are highly inaccurate, see  , with evidence that 54% of reported locations are in error by more than 1000 metres.

This project is a leading edge research project which has collected one of the largest datasets of the accuracy of Assisted GPS (A-GPS) based location services from the research of 14 final year undergraduate students undertaken for their BSc Dissertation Projects.


The following are the eight best Dissertation reports evaluating a range of different perspectives and consequences for the levels of accuracy under a range of different conditions.

The results of the students’ research have been published at a range of different conferences during 2015. Corah, Patel and Horecny were joint co-authors with me for a paper presented at the SAS Global Forum in April 2015 in Dallas, Texas, see  SAS Mapping functionality to measure and present the Veracity of Location Data

Personal Research

Dissertation Reports

The following eight reports all achieved a mark equivalent to a first class honours level, that is a mark of 70% or higher.

Daniel Corah   Can Location Services be trusted in our Smart Devices?

Vishal Patel     Are We Living In a World Full of Lies? – Can We Trust Assisted GPS Technology to Provide Accurate Data When Using Location Based Services?

Amna AlMutawa    Can we trust Location Services in our Smart Devices?

Victor Horecny      Can we trust A-GPS technology to deliver accurate location on a smartphone device?

James O’Brien     Can we trust the accuracy of smartphone location services?

Ishwar Khadkar    The accuracy of location services and the potential impact on the admissibility of GPS Based evidence in court cases

Oluwadamilola Onipede  Can we trust location services on our smartphones to deliver accurate location positioning?

Osama Shenfer, Location Based Services in Smart Devices and their reliability