2018 Conferences

These are the conference papers and presentations for 2018 for Richard J Self

  • Leadership: We Can but Should We? Big Data Analytics and AI, Business Analytics, ManagementEvents, Cologne, 12 April 201, the presentation is here and the video is here
  • Leadership: Gaining Business Value from Advanced and Novel Technologies, 600 Minutes CFO ManagementEvents, Oslo 8 May 2018. The presentation is here and the two videos are here for the first session and here for the second session. The first  version concentrates on the Analytics, AI and Machine Learning issues. The second session concentrates on Blockchain issues.
  •  We Can but Should We? Analytics and AI. The Keynote Address at the IJAS 2018, Toronto 5 June 2018 conference.   The presentation is here and the video is here.The focus was on the thought that is required when we start using Analytics and AI on data from Academia. Analytics and AI can be extremely powerful and provide detailed analyses. However, it is very important to consider the wider governance questions to work out whether we should do the analyses or employ AI. This presentation outlines some of the capabilities and then poses a range of important questions which will help us to decide our activities.
  •  Giving Academic Presentations. A Workshop at the International Journal of Arts and Sciences,Toronto, 5 June 2018.   The presentation is  here and the video is   here  . This workshop provides some guidelines which are especially relevant to new researchers who are facing giving their first presentation at an academic conference. It will also be of value to more seasoned presenters for reflection on their style of presentation and may help them to deliver even more memorable and engaging presentations.
  • Blockchain Applications, Developments and Testing, Software Testing North 2018, York, 18-19 Sept 2018. The presentation is here and the video is here. I was also interviewed for a Podcast which can be found on this page https://blog.scottlogic.com/2018/09/27/thoughts-from-the-software-testing-conference-north.html .
  • Leadership: Gaining Business Value from Advanced and Novel Technologies, 600 Minutes CFO, Germany, Cologne, 14 Nov 2018. The video is here and the presentation is here.

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