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Applications and Adoption Session

ClearReturns company Vicky Brock Predictive analytics for Retail Challenge is “So What?” Need to develop the “So What?” culture with the “Wild Ducks” valued. Interesting and valuable questions and ideas, Data Artists? Multi disciplinary team, including psychology, economics, data analytics … Continue reading

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IBM Big Data Colloquium 12 March 2014

Today I am in London at the IBM Big Data Colloquium. We are discussing all aspects relating to Big Data. Three main sections:- Applications and Adoption Social and Media Issues Architecture and Methodology Challenges

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AI and Games: What’s the Deal with Pac-Man?

As part of my teaching in the final year module Game Behaviour, I am prone to writing articles over on my own site During the opening weeks of the class, we talk about the challenges in modelling the game world in … Continue reading

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