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DEBS: the final day

This is the last day of DEBS! As you can tell, my descriptions are getting more and more terse andthis is likely to continue; apologies. Concentrating through physical discomfort is no fun. Modernizing Legacy Systems with Event-Driven Architecture and Complex … Continue reading

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Tuesday DEBS

Tuesday! I have/had a severe mechanical eye pain issue, so wasn’t paying attention during the keynote. This is a shame as it seemed interesting. The Grand Challenge session contained a summary of the challenge (that consisted of running queries … Continue reading

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DEBS Day 1

Hola! The keynote, Rise of the Velocity Pipeline, by Roger Barga of Microsoft, talked about the use of event-based analytics in business. In many ways it wasn’t very surprising, talking about the increase in the number of connected devices and so on. … Continue reading

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