The unprecedented growth in the importance of Big Data and Analytics has created a situation where the demand for relevant skills is outpacing the ability of educational institutions to keep up. Making the most of Big Data and Analytics requires a comprehensive approach that spans literacy needs across different disciplines and specialized career paths including:

  • Business Strategy and Management
  • Data Science
  • Business Analytics
  • Data Strategy and Architecture
  • Data Policy
  • Informatics for every professional field
  • Data Engineering
  • Chief Data Officers
  • Big Data Development
  • Visual Analytics
  • C-Suite Roles

Given the broad reach of Big Data and Analytics, the need for skills training encompasses basic understanding that begins in K-12, deepens during baccalaureate and post-graduate education, and continues through ongoing education during ones’ professional career.

In order to explore the challenges related to delivering Big Data and Analytics education, the University of Derby and Birmingham City University are sponsoring the Big Data and Analytics Educational Conference (BDA EdCon).

The BDA EdCon 2015 conference will be held during the AMCIS 2015 conference in Puerto Rico on 11 to 15 August at The El Conquistador Resort and Convention Center. Attendees at the BDA EdCon 2015 conference will be able to attend all the AMCIS conference activities.

BDA EdCon 2015 continues the success of the previous two BDA EdCon conferences in 2013 and 2014. It has been expanded to include all academics who teach using Analytics software products from all suppliers, including IBM, SAS®, Oracle, Microsoft and others.

Academics are encouraged to attend to network and share good and best practice in the development of enthusiastic and skilled Data Scientists and Data Analysts.


IBM Analytics, http://ibm.com

Department of Computing and Maths, University of Derby , http://www.derby.ac.uk/engineering-technology/, and

Birmingham City University   http://www.bcu.ac.uk/computing-telecommunications-networks

KDnuggets   www.KDnuggets.com  :  Analytics, Data Mining, & Data Science Resources

ODBMS   ODBMS.ORG  —The Resource Portal for Big Data, New Data Management Technologies  and Data Science

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