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The Second International Workshop on Education in the Cloud-EC2016

In conjunction with IEEE SOSE 2016

29 March-1 April 2016, Oxford, UK


Education in the cloud


Cloud computing represents a major shift in the way we develop and deploy systems and services. In the educational sphere it provides the technical underpinning for the MOOC phenomenon, the incorporation of social media into curricula, and has accelerated the use of online learning resources in a variety of contexts. What benefits and risks are there for education in the cloud? What are the economics and limitations of adapting a cloud-based approach? What research is needed to better understand the potential and possibilities? In this workshop, we invite submissions that show research, novelty, insight or experience in the use of the cloud for educational purposes. Your research should highlight how a cloud-based approach can or could enable novel learning opportunities and overcome challenges and barriers in conventional approaches.



Topics of interest

We welcome researchers and practitioners to submit pedagogic and technical papers which are related to (but not limited to) the following topics:


        MOOC experiences as technologists, designers, providers, learners

        Economics of cloud computing with reference to educational use

        Use of cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox, SoundCloud, Facebook, Google Docs, Wordpress, Office 365 etc. in education

        Accessibility of Cloud-based education

        Novel learning environments enabled by the cloud

        Cloud support for mobile learning

        Cloud-based learning platforms

        Cloud-based assured information sharing

        Learning analytics in the cloud

        Cloud computing support for collaboration in the education sector

        Privacy and security issues of using cloud computing in education

        Risks and compliance issues of using cloud computing in the educational sector

        Identity and access management of cloud computing in educational sector

        Interoperability issues of Cloud-based educational resources



Education in the Cloud

Date:Friday, 1 April 2016

1.    Teaching Networks in the Cloud, Augusto Ciuffoletti

2.    Internet of Things Application using Tethered MSP430 to thingspeak Cloud, Ahmed I Abdul-Rahman and Corey Graves.

3.    A practical Evaluation in Openstack Live Migration of VMs using 10Gb/s Interfaces, Md Israfil Biswas, Gerard Parr, Sally McClean, Philip Morrow and Bryan Scotney

4.    Microservices Architecture based Cloudware Deployment Platform for Service Computing, Wei Wang and Dong Guo

Keynote:    Big Data Analytics: An in-Memory Platform for High Performance Analytics in Clouds, Prof. Ashiq Anjum