Richard J Self

College: Engineering and Technology

Department: Department of Electronics, Computing and Maths

Teaching Subject Area: Senior Lecturer in Analytics and Governance

Research Group: Research Fellow – Big Data Laboratory


Web Site: Big Data and Analytics Educational Resources and Research

R J Self

Teaching responsibilities

My teaching is on the BSc IT programme with a primary focus on the fields of Analytics and Governance. I also teach Study and Employability skills

I lead a module for the second year called IT Services Management which is all about how to design and implement services that are useful to the customers and users.

The School of Computing and Maths is focussing the BSc IT around the SAS products and practical analytics. As a result, I teach some students how to use SAS.

I also teach the Sustainable Information and Corporate Governance module for the third year which is closely related to the paper that I presented in Toronto in October 2012, see here for the details and a copy of it.

I am now teaching the following MSc modules

  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Analytics: Ethics, Trust and Governance
  • Information Visualisation

A significant focus on the principles of Governance can be found in the development of the 12 Vs of Big Data, which provides a framework of questions which will help to enhance the success of Big Data and Analytics projects, see 12 Vs of Big Data- A Governance Framework for Success

During the Autumn Semester of 2015, I assisted Dennis Parkes to re-develop the Emerging IT Product Development module to take advantage of the IBM Bluemix and Watson Analytics product set, which is also taught in our partner institution, the British American College in Dhaka, Bangladesh. See here for the videos of the seminars

Videos of all my 2014 / 2015 and 2015 / 2016  lectures, seminars, tutorials and workshops can be seen here. I am currently recording them each week and posting them on the Computing @Derby YouTube channel.

I also supervise a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations and have supervised PhD students including topics such as e-learning, knowledge management and management practices in local government in Jordan.

PhD Completions

  • 2010 – Sharon Wei Wei Goh – The use of Web 2.0 technologies in developing and enhancing students’ critical thinking skills in higher education : a qualitative study
  • 2010 – A A Y Ali Bin Sultan – Assessing Excellence And Barriers Of Formulation Strategic Plan: Case study: Dubai Government strategic plan, U.A.E
  • 2011 – Mohammad AllMhairat –  Evaluation of the Impacts of New Public Management Practices on Human Resource Planning in Local Governments in Jordan
  • 2012 – R Thompson – Exploring Determinants of Entrepreneurial Performance: Example of Entrepreneurs in Malawi
  • 2015 – L Crane – Knowledge and Discourse Matters: Locating EUREKA

Research interests

My current research interests are focussed in two directions; towards the pedagogy relating to the development of  transferable and employability skills and the practical use of information technology in a wide range of contexts.

      • The ongoing pedagogy research is leading to different approaches to the design of the teaching and assessment of transferable skills which are more effective than traditional approaches.
        • I am researching ways of helping students to develop more effective research skills through different ways of teaching. I am currently assessing the impact of small group lab based teaching where all students have full access to all e-resources, using seminars and workshops
        • I am developing what appears to be a much more effective way of using the scheduled contact time with students. It relies on the “Academic as Learning to Learn expert”, rather than the more traditional “Academic as Domain Expert” approach, see “My Journey towards Student Excellence“. It is based on the research and problem based approach to learning, supplemented with using most of the scheduled contact time for one-to-one discussions, review and feedback and feed-forward. One result has been a significant increase in the marks achieved and also the elimination of the BMEI grade deficit that is problematic for UK universities. My Keynote Address to the IJAS conference in Toronto 2014, see this link to the video of the address below.
        • As part of the drive towards developing employability skills in our students, the outputs for many of the modules that I teach are publishable articles in a set of e-journals on our OJS, at this link, where we have started with some of the first of our e-journals, most of which are edited by the students themselves. We also publish some of the best presentations on our YouTube Channel, such as this playlist for the Emerging IT Product Developments module.
      • My informatics and analytics interests are focussed towards all aspects relating to Information and Corporate Governance.
        • My new Big Data Analytics series of projects for students will investigate the degree to which we can trust and gain value from location data collected through Smart Devices and the Internet of Things. This is a crucial field in business, where crowd sourcing of location data is being developed. It is also of importance in criminal forensics and Law. Based on the data and analyses of my students, we have become recognised as a leading authority on the accuracy of Assisted GPS Location Services of smart phones. I have presented the conclusions and implications at several conferences during 2015, as can be seen below.
        • A previous key area was a project to evaluate the phenomenon of TechnoStress. About fifteen of my third year students have recently completed working with me on this project. The conference paper that I published in Salamanca in July 2012, based on the research of Conrad Aquilina for his MSc SITM dissertation, was the starting point for this research.

Current Projects

This section links to the work that I and my students are working on and provides links to some of the best dissertation projects that they have produced.


2014 IBM Faculty Award of $2500

2015 IBM Faculty Award of $10,000

2016 IBM Faculty Award of $10,000

Membership of professional bodies and advisory committees



I am a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Learning Technology

I am a member of the review panel for the International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology

Member of the programme committees for the KMO’12 and LTEC’12 conferences in Salamanca, Spain in May 2012 (Seventh International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference and Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud)

Member of the programme committee for the KMO’13 conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in September 2013 (Eighth International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference)

Member of the programme committees for the LTEC 2014 and KMO 2014 conferences in Santiago, Chile in September 2014 (3rd International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud and 9th International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference)

Member of the programme committees for the LTEC 2015 and KMO 2015 conferences in Maribor, Slovenia (4th International Workshop on Learning Technology for Education in Cloud and 10th International Knowledge Management in Organizations Conference)

Co-Chair of the IBM Big Data Analytics Educational Conference (BDA EdCon 2014) in Las Vegas, October 2014. This is a link to the playlist of all the presentations.

Co-Chair of the Big Data and Analytics Educational Conference (BDA EdCon 2015) in Puerto Rico, Aug 2015. This a link to the playlist of all the presentations.

Programme Committee member for the BDA EdCon Europe 2015 Conference in Istanbul, July 2015.

Member of the Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS) panel of experts, with a focus on the Governance of such systems.

Recent Conference Papers

Other Publishing

As part of the development of employability skills, most of my modules that I now teach  involve the creation of research based articles, using the IEEE journal article template. The best of these are collected together into an e-book for each module and published on the School of Computing and Maths OJS website at

IT Practices for Success is the first one, with two e-books which were edited by Rebecca Kestle and Jessica Crees.

The second and third ones are edited by Georgia Vicars and are here

IT Services At The University Of Derby For Students: Improvements, Proposals And Evaluations Of Current Systems – 2013

It Services At The University Of Derby For Students: Improvements, Proposals And Evaluations Of Current Systems – 2014

Additional ones will follow shortly

LinkedIn Postings

I regularly post articles on LinkedIn which can be found on this page

Book Publishing and Contributions

Cover Photo

Outstanding Student Achievement: A Journey of Pedagogy Informed and Confirmed by Analytics, in Developing Effective Educational Experiences through Learning Analytics, Anderson, M. and Gavan, C. (Eds), Information Science Reference ( IGI), 2016, ISBN is 978-1-4666-9983-0,

Cover Photo

Tools and Technologies for the Implementation of Big Data (with D Voorhis) in Application of Big Data for National Security, B Akhgar, G B Saathoff, H R Arabnia, R Hill, S Stqaniforth and P S Bayerl (Eds), Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 2015

Book Reviews

Jan 2014 – Book proposal review for Springer, Lesley Crane, Knowledge and Discourse Matters: a revolutionary approach to doing and thinking knowledge, date of publication  not yet known

Nov 2013 – Book proposal review for Wiley, Lesley Crane, Knowledge and Discourse Matters: a revolutionary approach to doing and thinking knowledge, date of publication  not yet known

Jan 2013 – chapter review “The emergence of impact investments. The case of microfinance” in SRI in the 21st Century: Does it make a Difference in Society edited by T Hebbe and C Louche, to be published April 2014, ISBN: 9781783504671, in “Socially Responsible Investment in the 21st Century Does it Make a Difference for Society?”

April 2012 – Book proposal review for Routledge (Taylor and Francis group), Kecheng Liu, Semiotics for Business Informatics, to be published Aug 2014

Additional Interests and Activities

My objective is to help all students to succeed and to be the most employable students in the market.

This results in my passionate focus on two key areas of personal development which informs all my teaching and research; self knowledge and reflection, and clarity of analysis and thinking in all that we do (critical thinking). I aim to defuse all “magic silver bullets” and to enable all my students to do the same.

A critical area for students is to develop their Employability Skills. This link provides some resources that are useful for understanding these.

Media experience

Interview by East Midlands Today about congestion charging in January 2007.

Interview by SearchData Management / TechTarget on 6 November 2013 at the IBM Information on Demand conference in Las Vegas, see this link

Interviewed by SAS® at the 28 Nov 2013  SAS Careers Fair at Brunel University, UK. See time stamp 1:31 at this link

Interviewed by SAS at the SAS Analytics 2014 conference in Frankfurt on 4 June 2014, see this link on the topic of developing Analytics skills by research and creating Industry Partnerships to address the Analytics Skills gap.

Interviewed by Roberto Zicari of ODBMS on 15 Nov 2016 about Data Science, see


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